ACP Mapping

LMS has provided the response community a mapping of the Los Angeles/Long Beach Area Contingency Plan (LA/LB ACP 5) on Google Earth

After discovering the need to more quickly access sensitive site (health/safety, environmental & economic) information during spill responses in the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor, LMS developed a .kmz file in Google Earth that identifies all of the sites listed in the LA/LB ACP 5 with placemarkers.  Pop-up balloons provide further information about the site, including photos, contact information, links to web-cams, items of concern and relevant ACP reference locations.    

LMS has also developed a program that enables responders to input a geographic location (latitude/longitude), along with a chosen radius to obtain a list of sensitive sites in order of priority within the designated area.  This tool is especially useful for identifying resources at risk (ICS 232) and quickly listing contact information of 3rd parties potentially affected by an oil spill.